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November 2017

ORCID Collect and Connect Program

Has your organisation completed an ORCID integration with one of your systems? If your answer is yes, then your organisation could be eligible for Collect and Connect badges. Learn more about the Collect and Connect program and start collecting badges today.

Collect and Connect video for research orgs

September 2017

One step closer to connecting Australia’s researchers globally


The Australian Access Federation (AAF) has recently completed a project funded by RDS (Research Data Services) that paves the way for Australian researchers to collaborate with international partners. The AAF is now connected to eduGAIN (Education Global Authentication Infrastructure) bringing Australian researchers one step closer to effortless international collaboration.

AAF and RDS have worked closely to deliver the eduGAIN service and have successfully piloted it with a subset of AAF subscribers. This phase of the project delivered the policy framework for the service, along with support materials and resources for a future national roll out.

eduGAIN helps deliver on the government’s agenda for the internationalisation of research. It will enable researchers, educators and students to collaborate with their colleagues and securely access applications, tools and datasets in other countries.

The project has delivered connections to more than 40 international identity federations and over 160 extra research services from organisations such as CERN and LIGO. eduGAIN connectivity will:

This international connectivity is also an important enabler for several tools which are under development as part of the joint (RDS, ANDS, NECTAR, AARNet) Research Data Lifecycle Framework project.

This project represents a significant step forward towards international connectivity, but there is still more work to be done to roll the service out nationally.

For more information

If international connectivity would be valuable for your organisation or service, find out how to connect to eduGAIN or contact support@aaf.edu.au | aaf.edu.au/edugain

July 2017

Your feedback is important to us!

Please take a few moments to complete the ORCID Consortium member survey

The ORCID Consortium is seeking your feedback by completing our member survey. Your feedback is important, as it will provide information that will assist with planning and meeting the needs of the Consortium in the future.

To complete the survey, go to ORCID Consortium member survey 2017.

The survey closes on Friday 11 August 2017.

We would like to ask you to complete the survey as one of our members and also encourage you to pass the survey on to others that work closely with the ORCID Consortium in your organisation.

Your responses and comments will be confidential and the survey will only take 10 minutes to complete.

If you have any questions, please email orcid@aaf.edu.au

For more information about the ORCID Consortium, please visit the ORCID Consortium web page.

July 2016

Has your organisation upgraded to Shibboleth V3?

Shib V2 EOL - July 31 2016

Are your IDM teams working towards an IdP V3 upgrade? With the End-of-Life (EOL) of Shibboleth V2 approaching on July 31 2016, the AAF has released its IdP Installer which will help Identity Providers (IdPs) with setting up, configuring and upgrading their IdPs to Shibboleth V3.

The AAF has also developed a range of self-help resources to assist IDM teams with using the installer to complete the upgrade.

Online resources:

If your teams haven’t commenced their upgrade or would like to know more about Shibboleth V3, contact AAF Support we are here to help. Email: support@aaf.edu.au

Australian ORCID Consortium

The Australian ORCID Consortium is made up of 40 members from the university and research community and the AAF has been working with our members to assist them with planning ORCID integrations.

Since January 2016, the AAF as Consortium Lead has collated a range of self-help resources to assist our members with planning an integration and also taken part in webinars for our members.

For more information on becoming an ORCID Consortium member visit Become a member on the AAF website. There is also a list of members available at this link.

ORCID launches Connect & Collect Program

ORCID’s vision is a world where participants in research, scholarship and innovation are uniquely identified and connected to their contributions and affiliation across disciplines, borders and time.

To make this a reality, ORCID has embarked on a Collect & Connect program. The Collect & Connect program identifies four key elements of ORCID integration:

  1. Collecting validated ORCID IDs
  2. Displaying IDs to signal system support use of ORCID
  3. Connecting information about affiliation, works, funding and awards
  4. Synchronising between systems to improve reporting accuracy and speed.

If implemented this will result in streamlined workflows and a more consistent user experience.

If you would like to read more about this program please see Collect and Connect: Turning ORCID’s Vision into a reality .

Help develop the guidelines for displaying ORCID IDs

ORCID is reaching out to its member community (research publishers in particular) for suggestions on the display of ORCID ID’s in print and hypertext journal articles. A group of representatives from the scholarly publishing community is being formed to collect and synthesise these suggestions into guidelines.

ORCID recognise that journals have many considerations to take into account – style, standards, system limitations, and user expectations – so we want your input into these guidelines.

ORCID have asked if you could please send your use cases, suggestions, questions and issues related to the display of ORCID IDs in articles to community@orcid.org by July 31, 2016.

If you are interested in joining the working group, please contact us by July 31, 2016.

How to videos for researchers

One of the most common requests ORCID gets from its members is the best methods to demonstrate basic features of the ORCID record, so ORCID are planning to develop a series of short (30-60 second) how to videos for researchers.

Once complete users will be able to access these directly from their ORCID record as well as the ORCID knowledge base.

Asking for the community’s help

ORCID are asking the community for help, they would like to hear your suggestions for:

To provide your suggestions please contact community@orcid.org with your ideas.

May 2016

2016 AAF Subscriber survey

Have your say! The 2016 AAF Subscriber survey is now open. To complete the survey, go to 2016 AAF Subscriber Survey

Help us connect your collaboration partners to the Australian Access Federation (AAF)

We have noticed that you have sponsored a large number of users into the Australian Access Federation’s (AAF) Virtual Home. The AAF Virtual Home (VH) is a service provided for AAF subscribers to sponsor in small numbers of collaboration partners that do not belong to an organisation subscribed to the AAF.

Large groups of users from an organisation should be encouraged to join the AAF directly. Help us, help you and have your collaboration partners join the AAF directly today!

Is there a group of users from an organisation that you are sponsoring to access the Federation that would benefit from becoming an AAF subscriber directly? If so, then we would like you to refer these organisations to us.

By helping us identify these organisations and key contacts, AAF could support your organisation to reduce the administrative burden of managing these additional users.

The AAF has a low cost hosted solution for small organisations and groups wanting to access AAF connected services right away. For larger organisations we may already be talking with them and your use case would be valuable in assisting with our discussions.

By referring these organisations and contacts to the AAF, it helps build a richer federation for everyone.

April 2016

Planning an ORCID integration?

Are you planning an ORCID integration but don’t know where to start? Or have you already started and need assistance with Technical issues and questions?

If so, the Consortium Lead can now assist members by providing technical support from Australia. If you are planning an ORCID integration please ensure that you contact support@aaf.edu.au so we can assist you with enquiries about your integration and the steps that you will need to take.

For all support enquirers please email support@aaf.edu.au

For more information about planning an ORCID integration visit: Things you should consider before planning your integration

March 2016

Current employment opportunities

We are seeking expressions of interest from talented and professional people to work as part of the AAF Team. The current opportunities available include:

If you are ready for a new and exciting challenge, please submit your CV along with a covering letter to jobs@aaf.edu.au

For more information about employment opportunities with us, visit Jobs at AAF.

Hosted Identity Provider (IdP)

As part of the $850K Next Generation AAF Project, the AAF are about to commence building a Hosted IdP product. This new cloud-based product will:

Design work for this product is underway with development expected to commence soon.


Upgrade now (Shib V2 EOL - July 31 2016)

The AAF has released its IdP Installer which will help Identity Providers (IdPs) with setting up, configuring and upgrading their IdPs to Shibboleth V3 in the coming months. The new installer streamlines general maintenance and upgrade work while providing IdPs with:

For more information about the IdP Installer and how to get started with your upgrade, view our self-help resources online:

The AAF have developed a series of video presentations that will guide you through the process of upgrading your existing IdP Version 2 to the new IdP Version 3. This upgrade uses the AAF IdP Installer to fast track the upgrade and to make future upgrades simpler for organisations.

Contact AAF Support if you would like to discuss your Shibboleth V3 upgrade by emailing support@aaf.edu.au

Please note: These upgrade activities are in preparation for the end of life of Shibboleth IdP V2 (July 31, 2016).