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Q: Why can’t ANDS just pay the subscription fee for the whole Consortium?

A: The issue of researcher identification is relevant to many areas of the research enterprise: scholarly communications, research management, impact and quality measurement, research funding, data publication, etc. It was therefore considered too broad an issue to be “owned” simply by a single peak body or infrastructure provider. The governance and funding model of the proposed consortium reflects that.

Q: What is the main difference between premium member for a single institution and a Consortium premium member?

A: Apart from a reduction in licensing fee, a consortium approach allows members to share implementation plans, knowledge, and develop best practices amongst members. A consortium approach would also provide greater influence and representation of Australian institutions in shaping the future direction of ORCID internationally.

Q: What is the detail around the function of the Helpdesk being offered by the AAF? Will they be fielding calls from academics or offering support at the member level?

A: The support that is provided by the Consortium Host is a requirement of the Consortium Agreement with ORCID. The support provided will be at the Member level and Consortium Members will still be required to provide their own support to their academics. However, we are following this up with ORCID to see what tools they can provide to assist with end user support. Potentially, the requirements of academics as identified by the Australian Members could be fed back to ORCID via the Consortium Lead and used to enhance or create specific end user tools.

Q: It is free for researchers to sign up for an ORCID. Why is paid membership required for institutions?

A: If your organisation has a need to read or write to the ORCID records of researchers associated with the organisation and to integrate ORCID sign up/updates into your system workflows then ORCID membership is advisable. It allows you to integrate your systems with the ORCID registry so that you can pull and push to the ORCID records of researchers in your organisation (note: this requires researcher consent which can be done through the settings in their ORCID record). The Consortium offers all of its member’s premium ORCID membership as well as local technical and community support provided via the Host institution. Details on the benefits of premium membership are included in the Consortium Model document. The ORCID membership fee (for service) supports ORCID to continue to function as a non-profit entity.