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ORCID Resources


The Greenhouse is a list of open source software, installation guides and integration examples that are currently provided by member organisations and vendors to support ORCID.

ORCID outreach and communication resources

To support member outreach efforts ORCID and the AAF have developed a range of communication resources.

Communication examples

Organisation Resource
Flinders University ORCID Implementation Pilot Project
Queensland University of Technology ORCID Implementation Project
University of Newcastle ORCID Implementation Project
University of Adelaide Outreach Strategy for Researcher Engagement
Australian Access Federation Generic communication examples

ORCID Communication Toolkit

Phase Purpose Audience Resource
1. Anticipation Begin initial education
of ORCID among researchers before
a call to action
Researchers without an
Anticipation Content
Video – What is ORCID
Video – Why ORCID
2. Action Ask researchers to register
for an ORCID ID and
authorise organisation
Researchers with an
ORCID ID but are yet
to authorise their
organisation to update
Action Content
Video – Why ORCID
3. Awareness Achieve awareness of
benefits and understanding
of what ORCID is
and when/how to use it
All researchers with an
Video – Why ORCID

For more information about the ORCID communication resources visit Outreach Resources.

ORCID promotional materials

There is a range of ORCID promtoional materials that you can have produced for campaigns or launches in your organisation. If you would like to purchase these promotional items we have attached a list with options, approximate costs and a supplier.

Promotional material list



Past training or webinar resources

Date Webinar/ Training Session Resources
09 June 2016 Understanding ORCID Integration 1. Session FAQs
2. Webinar Slides
3. Links used in Webinar
01 June 2016 AAF/ANDS/CAUL Webinar - Promoting ORCID to your researchers 1. Session FAQ’s
2. Webinar resources
3. Self-service links

Things you should consider before planning your integration

  1. What benefits will an ORCID integration provide for the organisation?
  2. What are the organisations priorities for integrating ORCID?
  3. Who are the potential stakeholders at the organisation that have a vested interest in ORCID?

The points below identify potential benefits your organisation might consider when implementing ORCID and may assist you with your planning activities.


Once your organisation has identified what type of integration activity they would like to undertake, contact the Consortium Lead so we can provide you with any relevant information that might assist with your planning.

Useful resources for planning and integration

Introduction to the ORCID Member API
This document is intended to start you on the path to developing tools to interacting with the ORCID Registry. This document outlines the typical path followed by API developers.

Support for ORCID in CRIS systems
This webpage provides a list of Current Research Information Systems (CRIS) that have integrated the ORCID API within the system. Details about the various integrations and examples are also included on the same page.

ORCID: Current development - trello board
The board shows the current features that are being developed, future enhancements and their expected completion dates.

ORCID: Bugs - trello board
ORCID’s bug tracking board. It outlines the bugs that have been discovered and the progress to resolve them.

Frequently asked questions about the ORCID API.