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The AAF provides direct support and personalised services for our subscribers. Information about these services are listed below.

AAF Support

AAF Support is monitored during business hours (Monday-Friday) and is a single point of contact for getting in touch with the AAF team. If you are experiencing issues or need assistance with the Federation and tools please contact AAF Support.

Professional Services

The AAF provide a range of professional services including the install and configuration of Identity Providers and software development services for bespoke federated identity management solutions.

Interested in working with the AAF to fast-track activities?

The AAF understands the complexity, diversity and evolving nature of your requirements for federated identity management — we also understand that you may have requirements that are specific to your needs and hence they may not yet have made it on our roadmap.

So why not consider working with us to solve these requirements?

Working with the AAF is a great way to co-contribute and help build the future of the federation! Contact the AAF team at enquiries@aaf.edu.au to explore the opportunities that may be made possible through funding partnerships and professional service arrangements.

Specialist skills the AAF offer includes: Ruby, Rails, Linux, Open Source and SAML

For more information contact:


The AAF’s training program delivers a number of workshops across Australia which are aimed at increasing the technical skills of developers who bring services into the Federation, including new developers and those who may have previously worked with federated services.

Training workshops are demand driven, so if you and your team would like to take part in an AAF workshop please contact AAF Training (training@aaf.edu.au) to discuss a customised workshop.

Workshops are run on a cost-recovery basis and offer significant value to your organisation, e.g. opening your services for collaborative access by research and academic communities across Australia. Talk to us about your options for receiving training specific to your needs, as we can come to your workplace if you have a particular need for group training.