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What is the Federation

The Federation (offered by the AAF) is software that provides subscribers with a national single sign-on authentication service. By using the Federation, it enables users to easily access services for collaboration with Australian education and research organisations.

How the Federation works

By subscribing to the AAF, you will be connecting to a framework that provides access to over one million end-users and 330+ services through federated identity management. As a subscriber your organisation will have the ability to collaborate with numerous online services nationally.


Trust: using the AAF allows you to get the level of trust you need without having to undertake the process of issuing credentials yourself.

Efficiency: the AAF lets you re-use the trusted user registration processes that you already use.

Scalability: your services will be much easier to scale to a larger user group.

Collaboration: is made easy with others.

What does it mean to be technically connected to the AAF?

For the User / Researcher / Student

The Federation enables users to login using their institutions credentials to seamlessly access a wide range of resources both internal and external to their home institution.

For the Organisation (Identity Providers)

Institutions benefit from the Federation by enabling their research, academic and administrative users to access a wide range of services and resources with confidence and to collaborate more readily with colleagues in Australia and internationally. As a shared service it minimises the cost and effort for each individual subscriber by managing federated identities to enable users to use their home institution login.

For Service Providers

If you manage services and resources, the Federation will enable you to provide authorised users with secure access to these services without needing to issue individual accounts.