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Who can subscribe

Subscription to the federation is available to any organisation or institution that undertakes or supports education, research or research and development, including:

See a list of our current Subscribers.

All subscribers must be a legal entity or have a lead agent or similar represent them to become subscribers.

How to subscribe

Subscribing to the AAF is a fairly simple process. Firstly you need to determine which subscription plan suits your organisation’s needs, and then you need to:

  1. Determine eligibility
  2. Trial the federation (Test environment)
  3. Complete the AAF Subscription Form and email it to subscribe@aaf.edu.au
  4. Ensure your organisation complies with the Federation Rules.
  5. Pay your annual subscription fee
  6. Move to the Federation production environment.

Trial Federation (Test environment)

If you would like to try before you buy, the AAF offers a Trial Federation where you can test and experiment with your services at any time without subscribing to the AAF. It is a great way to access and become comfortable with the technologies of the Federation.

For more information about getting setup in the Trial Federation, go to the AAF Knowledgebase.