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Identity Provider (IdP)

IdP V3 Installer

Troubleshooting General Shibboleth IdP Issues

Troubleshooting Shibboleth IdP Attribute Release Issues

A sample Shibboleth attribute resolver script for the cn attribute

How to import the AusCERT CA SSL certificate into your IdP SSL key store

View and update organisational administrators and contact details

High Availability / Clustering

Java Version 1.7.0_85 and AAF Metadata loading errors

Migrating your IdP to highly available Metadata and Attribute Filter

How do I set up my Identity Provider (IdP)?

Automating Attribute Release

A sample Shibboleth attribute resolver script for the eduPersonAffiliation attribute

Common Shibboleth IdP Error Messages

Unable to locate satisfiable bearer SubjectConfirmation in assertion

How to reset the default home institution for your web browser

How to verify the entity ID for your IdP

Shared Token fails to generate/release with DB errors

I need technical assistance connecting to the AAF

Scripting eduPersonAffiliation

Becoming an administrator for an identity provider, service provider or organisation

What period is specified by the Federation for the retention of logs by an Identity Provider?

In what circumstance would an end-user need to transfer their auEduPersonSharedToken to another Identity Provider?

Does some sort of document need to be signed by the end-user about what attributes will be released to a Service Provider, or would our Policy document be sufficient?