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Service Provider

Testing attributes for a new Service

How to set up your service provider in multiple federations

How to connect your services to the AAF

Troubleshooting General Shibboleth SP Issues

How to create a Service Provider

Common Shibboleth SP error messages

Why is auEduPersonSharedToken no longer available?

Resolving the Access Issues for the NATed Networks

Migrating your SP to highly available Metadata

Installing Shibboleth Service Provider

How to verify the entity ID for your SP or IDP

Integrating a Shibboleth Service Provider with common applications

Integrating eduPersonTargetedID (EPTID) into applications

Becoming an administrator for an identity provider, service provider or organisation

Installing SimpleSAMLphp as a Service Provider and making it accessible on the AAF

How to technically join the Australian Access Federation

Shibboleth SP with Apache Reverse Proxy

Updating an expiring certificate

Subscribing to SAGE

Federated authentication for non web applications

Do I need to register my Service under an Organisation or Institution who subscribes to the AAF?