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How do I get access to an AAF VH account?

Accessing QUT Career Development Program via the AAF

How do I create additional groups or users in the VH?

How do I reset my password to my VH account?

Who is my Organisation or Group Administrator?

AURIN access via the AAF

What is the AAF Virtual Home and is there a user help guide available?

What is 2-Step Authentication?

Resetting a lost password in AAF Virtual Home

Can I customise the Welcome/Invitation email message for users?

Can I create a username for a user I’ve just added to a Group?

What is my username for my VH account?

How many password attempts do I get before my VH account is locked?

How does a new user meet the VH assurance levels?

Password requirements and format

Why do I need to add my mobile number when setting up my account?