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Tools & Services

Once an organisation or institution has subscribed to the Federation they have access to a number of additional tools and services offered by the AAF. Some of these tools and services provide status updates, simplify connecting services and also provide technical support for subscribers.



Research Services

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The Federation

The Federation, which is the product provided by the AAF is a combination of technology and policy which provides a trust framework. It provides subscribers with a national single sign-on that allows individuals across many different organisations to collaborate and access online resources within a trusted environment.

By logging in via the Federation, end users are able to access a variety of services including file transfer, data storage, compute, collaboration tools and portals, scientific instrumentation, administrative systems, scholarly resources and teaching, learning and research resources.

The AAF eliminates the need for creation of multiple local password-protected accounts and simplifies access to online resources whether it is on-campus, off-campus, across different institutions, research centres or service providers. It allows users to access services they need with confidence.

The Federation lowers the costs and effort associated with federated identity management in each individual subscriber organisation. It also removes inter-organisational barriers to collaboration by enabling people to quickly and easily connect with electronic resources.

Resource providers are also able to quickly and easily connect their services to over 1 million people connected to the Federation.