Why are there two fees to join the Australian ORCID Consortium, but only one fee if you join ORCID directly?

The Australian ORCID Consortium provides cheaper ORCID licensing fees as well as local technical support and consultation services. Hence there are two fees:

  • CONSORTIUM MEMBER FEE: Which is collected in US dollars and paid directly to ORCID for the licenses and use of ORCID registry.
  • CONSORTIUM LEADER FEE: Which is an administrative fee charged by the consortium to help manage the consortium, provide personalised local level 1 and level 2 technical support as well as consultations for consortium members. This fee is charged in AUD and is cost recovered in nature.

Joining ORCID directly means organisations will only pay one fee, however that fee is quite high compared to paying the consortium fees. Also, organisations may not have access to the local technical support with knowledge of ORCID within the Australian Research sector.

What benefits does my organisation get from joining the consortium?

Joining the consortium means that your organisation is an ORCID member and includes all the benefits a premium ORCID member gets, plus access to local technical support as well as the chance to be a part of the community. The benefits include but are not limited to

  • 5 member APIs to integrate 5 systems with the ORCID registry
  • update notification via member API using webhooks
  • ability to add/update/delete information from ORCID records (provided initial consent is obtained)
  • personalised local technical support, consultations as well as integrated application user acceptance testing.

Where can I get the ORCID Outreach Resources?

The best place to get up to date and most recent ORCID outreach resources is at ORCID communications and outreach.

Where do I go to get technical information about the ORCID API?

Technical information about the ORCID API can be found in the following places:

If your organisation is an Australian ORCID Consortium member and you have questions on ORCID, you can direct them support@aaf.edu.au.