Why AAF?

The AAF has a number of solutions available. We can work with you to find a solution that best suits your needs.

What we do for researchers and education

You can access national research services and platforms with one username and password.

We provide a single sign on solution for research and education that allows you to seamlessly access a wide range of educational and research services including:

For a complete list of connected services see our Services page.

Learn how the AAF is helping national researchers collaborate to model effects of climate change on biodiversity.

Researching internationally?

We also provide an easy way to collaborate with international colleagues using eduGAIN. EduGAIN allows you to easily access global research services such as CERN and LIGO. Learn more about eduGAIN.

Are you a national research infrastructure?

The Australian Access Federation (AAF) has received funding for a new Trust and Identity (T&I) Pathfinder Project from the National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy (NCRIS). We will work with NCRIS capabilities to co-design a national Trust and Identity Framework and implement secure solutions that will support research. Learn more about the Trust and Identity Pathfinder Project.

What we do for institutions and universities

You can securely share information and collaborate with all Australian universities, CSIRO, NSW Health and other research organisations.

One integration with your authentication directory allows your staff to easily access a wide variety of services including:

For a complete list of connected services see our Services page.

Our fully cloud-hosted solution, Rapid Identity Provider (Rapid IdP) enables you to connect to the federation while we manage the infrastructure for your organisation, delivering a secure, resilient and highly available service. Learn more about Rapid IdP.

Our technology operates in a highly secure and reliable environment that provides federated authentication to subscribers. This makes it easier and faster to access a wide range of services both internal and external to your home institution.

Learn how Macquarie University is using the AAF to provide access to educators, students and researchers.

Collaborating Internationally?

We provide a simple way to connect your organsiation internationally using eduGAIN. EduGAIN helps your students, staff and researchers connect with colleagues around the world to exchange information. Learn more about eduGAIN.

For publishers and platform providers

You can provide your content to all Australian universities, CSIRO and medial research institutes with a single configuration.

Publishers in the AAF provide access to products or services, which support education, research and development. With the AAF you can control access to allow only authorised users to connect to your content with their home institution credentials.

If you provide services to the Australian research sector connecting to the federation will:

allow you to provide authorised users with secure access without issuing individual accounts
reduce unnecessary bespoke integrations leading to improved service and reducing overall costs

Learn how the AAF and AURIN are providing access for research into our towns cities and communities.

Working internationally?

If you have international users, sharing your service is simple with eduGAIN. EduGAIN allows for collaboration with partners from international research facilities and universities from over 60 global federations. Learn more about eduGAIN.

What we do for commercial organisations

You can improve your user experience by verifying customers quickly and accurately using VerifID.

VerifID is integrated with universities and organisations, enabling verification of customers associated with their institution. VerifID:

is a reliable and accurate online solution
removes manual processes and improves conversion rates
saves time for both the customer and supplier
reduces risk by limiting the personal information handled