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ORCID Pricing

The Consortium operates entirely on a cost recovery basis to serve its members.

To be part of the Consortium you will be required to pay two annual fees.

Membership fees

Consortium Member Fee (USD)
1 January – 31 December 2018 $3,375 (USD) - The member fee is based on a consortium size of 40 members.
- The fee is to be paid in US Dollars to the AAF.
- It is a requirement of the Consortium for the Lead (AAF) to pay the Consortium Member Fee in US Dollars.
- This fee covers the ORCID licence costs.
Consortium Leader Fee (AUD)
1 January – 31 December 2018 $7,921.51 (AUD) - The Leader Fee is the cost per member annually.
- The fee is to be paid in Australian dollars to the AAF.
- It is expected that the Consortium Leader Fee will be reviewed annually. This increase was approved by the ORCID Governance Committee in October 2017.
- The ORCID Governance Committee also endorsed an additional increase to support an Australian International ORCID Board representative.

Payment of Annual Member Fees