The AAF team met with fellow national research infrastructures and AAF subscribers to discuss a range of identity and access management initiatives and opportunities, during its Adelaide Roadshow, from 20-24 November 2023. These conversations will inform enhancements for access to services and resources, for students, staff, and research communities. Discussions included baseline expectations, assurance levels, attributes, eduGAIN and the Federation.

Terry Smith, AAF’s Head of Support said, “Meeting with our partners and subscribers, enables the AAF to update the community on developments within the Federation and help the AAF understand the needs of the eResearch community, allowing us to tailor our technology solutions and support for access on a national and global scale.”

During the visit, AAF met with ground-breaking research teams to discuss opportunities for collaboration and participated in several inspiring tours of national research facilities at the Australian Plant Phenomics Facility (APPF), Metabolomics SA at the Australian Wine Research Institute, and the Australian National Fabrication Facility (ANFF) at the University of South Australia.

George Sainsbury, APPF’s Data Infrastructure and Software Engineer said, “It was great to have the AAF team come and visit the APPF in Adelaide, and officially welcome them to the NCRIS family. We’ve been active users of AAF’s identity access management technology and platforms for years, and look forward to ongoing collaborations, enabling our research partners to get secure access to their services.”

AAF also attended ARDC’s SA Data Roundtable and discussed the Federation, current developments with ORCID and the national PIDs strategy, and future developments in access for researchers and providers. State-based Research Data Roundtables are communities facilitated by ARDC and provide an opportunity for anyone working in the digital research space to meet and exchange ideas, experience, current developments and future plans.

Mary Filsell, ARDC’s Data Consultant based in Adelaide said, “The goal of Research Data Roundtables are to create an open community on data management and it was exciting to hear from the AAF on their latest developments on trust and identity for national research infrastructures. As well as recent developments in access and authentication in the Federation, and impact tracking through an ORCID id.”

The AAF would like to thank everyone who participated in the meetings and led tours, and we look forward to working with you in 2024.

ANFF, University of South Australia: (L-R) Nick Rossow (AAF), Matt Chong (ANFF), Craig Priest (ANFF), and Terry Smith (AAF).

APPF (The Plant Accelerator) the Waite Research Precinct (L-R) Kerry Mora (AAF), Terry Smith (AAF), Liliana Andrés Hernández (APPF), Rakesh David (APPF), George Sainsbury (APPF) and Sarah Thomas (AAF).

APPF (The Plant Accelerator, the Waite Research Precinct (L-R) Terry Smith (AAF), Nick Rossow (AAF), George Sainsbury (APPF), Sarah Thomas (AAF), Rakesh David (APPF) and Liliana Andrés Hernández (APPF).