ORCID Pricing

The Australian ORCID Consortium is a not-for-profit that operates on a cost recovery basis. There are two separate annual fees to become a member of the Australian ORCID Consortium. The fees are reviewed annually by the Australian ORCID Governance Committee.

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ORCID Member Fee
3,830 USD/year

This fee is for ORCID Membership and needs to be paid in USD.

  • Covers ORCID license cost
Consortium Leader Fee
10,067 AUD/year

This fee covers operational costs of the Consortium Lead to support Australian Members. To be paid in AUD. Access to:

  • Tier 1 -2 support
  • Engagement and outreach resources
  • Training
  • Australian ORCID events

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The Consortium Leader Fee will be reviewed annually.

  • The Consortium’s Leader Fee payment terms are outlined in section 5. of Appendix A: ORCID Standard License Agreement
  • AAF’s Payment terms are 28 days after the date set out on the invoice.
  • Failure to pay fees within these terms may result in the revocation of the relevant Consortium Member’s membership of the consortium.