Definition of ‘Security Incident’

A violation or imminent threat of violation of computer security policies, applicable laws and regulations, acceptable use policies, or standard security practices. A security incident may involve either electronic or paper data.

Initial Contact/Notification and Triage

Any party may make the Australian Access Federation aware of a relevant security incident or disclosure via:

1) Send an email to: [email protected] (preferred)
2) Phoning the AAF office on: +61 7 3854 2353

DO NOT communicate any sensitive information via these channels. AAF staff will set up a secure communications channel with you, if need be, after your initial request is received. The AAF will accept, evaluate and reply (when necessary) to valid submissions during normal business hours.

Generalised Procedure

Upon receipt of information about a possible security threat to the AAF, we will:

  1. alert the AAF Information Security Officer (ISO) or Acting ISO so they can manage the event
  2. perform a brief initial assessment of the situation, including initial classification of the incident or disclosure as: ‘Normal,’ ‘Escalation,’ or ‘Emergency’ in nature
  3. determine and execute next steps based on assessment of initial event classification, including the formation of an incident handling team as necessitated by nature, criticality and scope
Security Notices and Maintenance

View previous security and maintenance notices at the Support Advisory Archive.

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