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Existing Subscribers

All subscribers have until 30 June of each year to ensure that their organisation is fully compliant with the Federation Rules and to submit a Compliance Statement. The AAF sends an advance reminder notice to members and subscribers that compliance statements are due by June 30.

Compliance statements are to be made in writing on organisational letterhead with the statement being signed by your Authorised Officer (see template below). A template document is also provided for those institutions asserting Levels of Assurance greater than 1.

Compliance statements are to be sent via email as a PDF to compliance@aaf.edu.au by 30 June each year.

Compliance Statement templates

Overdue Compliance Statements

The AAF will write to organisations that are overdue in submitting their Compliance Statement to determine the way forward. If you have any questions regarding your organisation’s compliance to the Federation Rules, please contact compliance@aaf.edu.au

Federation Rules

The Australian Access Federation provides a framework and support infrastructure to facilitate trusted electronic communications and collaboration within and between universities and research institutions in Australia and overseas.

This document outlines the rules and obligations to be met by subscribers. All new and existing subscribers must be compliant with the Federation Rules.

Federation Rules