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Rapid IdP FAQ’s

What do I need to do to set up a new Identity Provider?

Watch the video demonstrating the process of creating a new IdP, adding a user, and signing into federation service with the user. The final product will look different to this, but the general workflow will be similar.

Will the service allow bilateral Service Provider connections?

We’re intending to have some basic support for direct / bilateral agreements with individual service providers, though the simplest option is to encourage service providers to join the federation where possible. Through the Early Adopter Program we’ll develop a better understanding of the extent and variety of bilateral agreements we need to support.

Is there be a limit on the number of bilateral Service Provider connections in Rapid Identity Provider?

There are no limits on the number of bilateral agreements you can set up in Rapid IdP.

What measures are in place to ensure security of the service?

The AAF follow best practice in securing services and we do not publicly disclose specific implementation details. Prospective customers can obtain relevant details of the underpinning environment for use in their own security analysis by contacting enquiries@aaf.edu.au.