Prime Minister, Scott Morrison held a press conference last week reporting a major cyber-attack on Australian governments and businesses. The Australian Access Federation (AAF) is not aware of any attacks on our infrastructure. We are closely monitoring our systems to ensure that we can react promptly if necessary. The security of all AAF subscribers is vital to the operation of the Federation.

The AAF systems are constantly monitored to detect malicious traffic in real-time using a number of techniques and analysis tools. The AAF also has access to a DDoS Response Team (DRT), who can be engaged quickly to respond to a DDoS attack. These security measures are applied to all AAF core services including Rapid Identity Provider (IdP), AAF Discovery and Federation Management Tooling.

The AAF continues to work under the advice of the Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC), to ensure business continuity plans can be implemented promptly should a cyber-attack occur. Read the security advisory from the Australian Cyber Security Centre.

Contact AAF Support [email protected] if you have any questions.