Macquarie University, one of Australia’s leading research universities recently connected to Australian Access Federation’s (AAF) cloud solution, Rapid Identity Provider (Rapid IdP).

After initial consultations with the AAF, it was evident that Rapid IdP could work alongside their enterprise Identity Management solution and would successfully help Macquarie achieve their business objectives.

Rapid IdP delivers high levels of security, ongoing support and eduGAIN connectivity, highlighting a few of the reasons Macquarie chose to proceed with the cloud solution, claims Grant Sayer, Director of Infrastructure and Applications. For universities that are planning proactive ‘cloud first’ strategies, Rapid IdP provides a highly available and cost-effective solution for connecting to the AAF. Subsequently, Rapid IdP helped Macquarie finally decommission on-premise legacy systems that were consuming time and resources.

For Macquarie, Rapid IdP positively changed the way the organisation operates. Sayer claims, with Rapid IdP “applications system admins can now spend more time on other business value initiatives.”

If you would like to experience the benefits of Rapid IdP and move your organisation to the cloud, contact the AAF today.