Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system

We’re on the move…

The move from the AAF Federation Registry to the CRM will take place on 3 December.

We will be able to store customer contact information including:

  • Primary Representative
  • PA to Primary Representative
  • Product and Services manager
  • Billing information etc.

This will help the AAF manage and maintain information and more easily communicate with our customers.

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New Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system

Moving to a better way to manage AAF contact information

The AAF will be implementing a Customer Relationship Management system (CRM) in December. The new CRM will make it easy to deliver a consistent customer experience and help to improve the way we communicate with you.

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Accelerating research into our towns, cities and communities

AURIN (Australian Urban Research Infrastructure Network) provides support to Australian researchers, planners, and policy makers to inform evidence-based decision making. The eresearch facility enables critical decision making for Australia’s future growth, sustainability and urban planning. AURIN provides a range of online tools and services to support spatio-statistical analysis and data visualisation. Known as Australia’s single largest centralised online resource of clean, integrated, spatially enabled, research-ready data – AURIN enables users to transform data into valuable insights.

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PM announcement of major cyber-attack on Australian government and businesses

Prime Minister, Scott Morrison held a press conference last week reporting a major cyber-attack on Australian governments and businesses. The Australian Access Federation (AAF) is not aware of any attacks on our infrastructure. We are closely monitoring our systems to ensure that we can react promptly if necessary. The security of all AAF subscribers is vital to the operation of the Federation.

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May 2020: We are in this together

This is a strange time we all find ourselves in, and very different to how we imagined 2020 would unfold when we rang in the New Year. Here at AAF’s virtual head office, we are working to ensure that everything is business as usual for all our subscribers.

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Our commitment to you during COVID-19

Given the announcement of COVID-19 as a pandemic by the World Health Organisation and the virus’ impact on our global research and education communities, we would like to inform you of the actions AAF has taken to ensure our business can continue to support your teaching, learning and research needs. Despite the uncertainty of COVID-19, we intend to continue to deliver the same quality of technical and customer service to you. The following measures are now in place to ensure continuity of our service.

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