ORCID Consortium Support

The Role of the ORCID Consortium Lead

As the Consortium Lead, the AAF will provide support to the Consortium as outlined below. This support is only available to consortium members.

To contact support email [email protected]

Role of the ORCID Consortium Lead
Provide administrative support to the Consortium
  • management of the billing cycle for the collection of fees from members and the payment of licensing fees.
  • secretariat support to the governance body.
Manage and support onboarding Consortium members
  • manage the membership process of joining the consortium as outlined in the Consortium agreement.
  • act as the primary contact between ORCID and the members for membership enquiries.
  • organise and conduct onboarding webinars as part of an ORCID training program for members.
Be the central technical support contact for all members
  • Monday – Friday 8am-4pm AEST (exclusive of Queensland public holidays) Tier 1 ticket and issue management via the Host’s Service Desk. All questions received by ORCID directly from Consortium members will be re-routed to the Host’s Service Desk.
  • manage the resolution of Tier 1 technical support incidents.
  • manage the escalation of Tier 2 support incidents with ORCID.
  • engage with ORCID to ensure that member ORCID integrations are in accordance with ORCID guidance and stated good-practice.
  • act as liaison between the Australian ORCID member community and the ORCID organisation ensuring that member interests are represented and that feedback is provided via appropriate channels to fuel improvement and innovation.
Maintain consortium documentation and technical documentation repositories
  • setup and manage a web interface to facilitate sharing of plans and coordination of implementation of members.
  • development and maintenance of documentation, FAQ, Q&A, online resources and collaboration tools for members.
Consortium Lead Escalation Procedure

All Tier 1 issues will be managed by the Australian ORCID Consortium Lead. When issues cannot be resolved to the satisfaction of consortium members, the steps detailed in the escalation chart will be used to escalate issues appropriately.

The Role of ORCID

ORCID will manage all Tier 2 incident resolution support. ORCID will also provide training for the Consortium Host, including a mini course, weekly check-ins, assistance with planning on-boarding webinars, and development of a consortium FAQ.

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